CAP 105 Final Scheme x2

Hey Professor, the bad news is I just spent a bunch of time putting this together and it all deleted when I published so I’m unhappy and probably won’t try as hard. The good news is I’m still submitting one so thanks but also sorry.

1. Evil Tweets

We tweeted at you with #CAP105GVSU and #Bagels.

2. Evil Blogs

This is my blog filled with evil things.

3. Evil Canva

Team name: The Bagels

Team Logo:


4. Evil Photoshop

I created a better version of Jurassic World at the Heaven and Earth statue between all the lake halls. It’s cool because the shadow creates something if you look at the right time, I’m thinking about trying to steal it.
I already stole the top off the so called “Blue Arch,” where is your arch now Lakers? It’s actually called the Transformational Link and it’s in the middle of a darn sidewalk but if you walk through it you fail. Psych I do it all the time because I can and I’m evil.
NoFace (1)
This one doesn’t have a name but it’s behind Zumberge Hall and it represents college students as a whole, searching for their identities. Oh and also Justin Bieber was there.
Clock Tower (1)
Merry Christmas from the Cook Carillon Clock Tower in the middle of campus out front of Kirkhof. It’s where everybody meets and it plays pretty music. I’m going to steal this thing.

5. Evil Location

Avery checked us in when we took that selfie we tweeted at you, and apparently when her phone didn’t have that much battery.

Image from iOS

6. Evil Video

People were talking sometimes but I hope it still makes you sad.

7. Evil Flyer

I went to this last year but I forgot to steal things.

Cultural Diversity Fest (1)

8. Evil SEO Research

Photo of Program: Advertising and Public Relations Major

photo source:

Key Words and Phrases

  1. Fast-changing
  2. Social Media
  3. International
  4. Analytical
  5. Society
  6. Sales promotion
  7. Digital advertising
  8. Adaptable
  9. Relevant
  10. Communication strategies


I chose each of these key words and phrases because they relate to the Ad and PR major at GVSU.

  1. The field itself is fast-changing, just like the world around it.
  2. Social media is a huge part of the major.
  3. The career field that branches off from this major is international, not just in the USA.
  4. There are many analytical aspects to the major like, for example, what we touched on in class with Google Analytics.
  5. Our society today depends on this field to accomplish many different things.
  6. You can use this major to help with sales promotion.
  7. Sales promotion can be done through digital advertising, which is also an aspect of the major.
  8. This major is adaptable to many different careers.
  9. This major is relevant to everyone.
  10. The major also touches on communication strategies in general.

9. Evil Infographic

I tried super hard to post it but this is what deleted my first post because the image was too big so I guess I’ll take the hit for it.

Advertising and Public Relations major

Outline/Description of Content: This infographic of the Advertising and Public Relations Major details the main aspects of why this major would be worth taking. The Mission section gives a brief description of what the major wants to teach its students. The Vision section details in what ways the major shapes its students in professional and personal ways. The Values section shows what values the major holds close and believes are important. And the Possible Careers section shows what kind of careers an interested student could look forward to.

10. Evil Evil Evil

Everything is accounted for (aside from number 9).

Thanks for an awesome semester!


What’s Next

Being a villain, I learned a significant amount of devious tricks from this course. Many skills that will ultimately help me to destroy my enemies (the heroes of the world). I gained massive insight on how to build up my own personal brand. Developing a positive reputation with the public is huge when you’re trying to rule over them with an iron fist. When I create my league of evildoers I want to make sure our social media pages are very well thought out. The more followers, the larger the following, the greater the empire.

I also learned a little bit about how to edit things, videos and photos. I can create posters and flyers to mail out. Perhaps each one can say “prepare for your world to end” with a picture of my smiling face. I know how to do that now and it’s thanks to this class.

Aside from being well suited for the job market and having some skills and certifications that will help me thrive as an applicant. I can now teach my grandparents about new technology more adequately. There is a constant battle between new devices and the ability to comprehend digital trends. This class makes that battle a little bit easier.

Unfortunately, I already had a lot of experience coming into this class from former courses and personal happenings. There wasn’t much room for me specifically to learn with the curriculum. Not to mention the fact that advertising is not what I want to do with my life at all, and I’m not sure why it’s my minor. Thus it was tough at some points to stay motivated for this class. Luckily, my professor was a right-minded man with as many evil intentions as myself. If it weren’t for him I probably would’ve fallen asleep/skipped just about every day.

From here forth I know not what I will do, but I hope that it is evil. Whether I conquer the world through the cybernetic networks that make up our ever so fragile international community, or simply enslave all humans and animals with artificial intelligence completely under my control, I’m confident that I am headed for total supremacy. I will overlord much more efficiently having taken this class. I feel as though I owe a thanks to everyone involved in teaching me some basics that I had missed, so thank you. Perhaps I will spare your families.

For my final evil trick I will complete this WordPress post with less than 500 words. It’s not that I didn’t have time to do it, and it’s not that there wasn’t content for me to post about. It’s simply the fact that the most evil thing I can do is withhold from meeting the assignment requirements even though we all know full well I could do it if I weren’t so… evil.

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